Pre-Licensing Self-Study Discount & Class Registration Fee Waiver

Class Registration Discount - Individuals who have purchased our PE self-study course materials and later choose to attend one of our classroom courses are eligible for a credit (equal to the purchase price of the self-study material) toward the cost of the class registration fee. For example, if you purchased our Comprehensive Pre-Licensing Education Self-Study course for $179, and later decide you would like to attend our three-day pre-licensing education class, your class registration fee is $220 ($399 class registration fee minus the $179 self-study course material). To obtain your pre-licensing education self-study discount, print out the pre-licensing education class registration form below and indicate your Course Code # (see back inside cover of your licensing manual) on the registration form, and forward it to our office.

Class Registration Fee Waiver - Individuals who have attended one of our public classroom pre-licensing education classes can attend a future pre-licensing education class for up to one year at no cost. To obtain your class registration fee waiver, print out the pre-licensing education class registration form from below and indicate the date you originally took the course on the registration form, and forward it to our office.