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Pre-Licensing Webcast


To assist individuals in preparation for their state licensing exam, we have designed a concise one-hour monthly webcast on How to Pass Your Licensing Exam. The webcast will explain the licensing process, illustrate the types of questions you will see on the exam, and present powerful study strategies to help you anticipate questions that have a high probability of appearing on your Pennsylvania insurance licensing exam. The webcast provides a complete roadmap to licensing success and includes:

•        An overview of the licensing process (from application to issuance of license)

•        Learning format option (self-study vs. classroom)

•        Exam outline (when does it change and how does it affect student success)

•        Exam content (what are the exam topics and how many questions will be on each topic)

•        Types of exam questions (what are the three types of exam questions that appear on the exam)

•        Study strategies (how to learn efficiently without wasting valuable time and energy)

•        Exam questions (how to anticipate questions that appear on the exam)

•        Test strategies (how to develop powerful testing strategies that improve retention)

•        Question and answer strategies (how to logically guess when you don’t know the answer)

Each of these topics will enable attendees to fully understand the licensing process, place into effect powerful study strategies, and systematically plan for exam success. If you would like to attend this free one-hour webcast, complete the registration form and choose the date you would like to attend. Register early, as attendance is based upon limited availability. Registrants will receive e-mail confirmation, PowerPoint slides of the presentation, and directions on how to access the webcast.

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