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Businessowners Policy Coverage Guide


Businessowners Policy Coverage Guide is a complete line-by-line annotation of the ISO's Businessowners Policy Program. The Businessowners special property coverage form and the liability coverage form are clearly analyzed in a line-by-line annotation to ensure a technical understanding of all policy provisions. This type of review permits a detailed analysis of the policy language, its meaning and its intent. This approach is especially helpful to agency personnel, company underwriters, adjusters, attorneys and other insurance professionals, each of whom need accurate answers to specific policy questions.


Hundreds of examples of the most common and not so common claims are explained. Standard endorsements are also summarized to illustrate how the policy forms may be modified to provide coverage.


Businessowners Policy Coverage Guide includes these outstanding features:

  • Line-by-line annotation of each of the Businessowners Policy

  • Hundreds of loss situations are reviewed and explained in detail

  • Hundreds of terms not defined in the policy are researched as to their meaning

  • Standard endorsements are summarized illustrating how coverage can be modified

  • Detailed table of contents and index for quick reference


Businessowners Policy Coverage Guide is a must have desk companion for every agent, underwriter and adjuster. This 296 page reference source will save you time and build confidence in addressing your client's Businessowner policy questions.


Don't waste valuable time and effort researching for answers to questions on businessowner insurance. Order Businessowners Policy Coverage Guide today!!


Authored by Dr. George E. Krauss, CPCU, CLU, ChFC, ARM and developed after years of personal instruction, research and expert testimony on Businessowners Policy issues.

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