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What Students Say

"I really enjoyed the online format. It gives the in-class experience from home. Dr. Krauss did a wonderful job on explaining each subject and gave great examples. I will definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in getting their license. The web class was outstanding."

Caitlin Yakopin, Bridge Insurance Group, Inc., Washington, PA

I self-study and passed the PC exam on my first try with an 81%. I would HIGHLY suggest these materials if you ever need to be licensed. Everything from Exam Master to the Flash Cards are top notch! Thank You!

Greg Cunningham, Indiana, PA

Dr. Krauss did an outstanding job in presenting the material. The web class was excellent. The whole experience was 99% seamless. I would recommend this licensing course to other candidates."

Erica McStay, Tuscano Agency, Greensburg, PA

"I took the PE class, attended the one-day exam review and took my exam the following morning. It REALLY helped. I'll be back to get my LA&H. Thanks for everything!"

Cole Creedon, Creedon Insurance Services, Cranberry, PA

"I really enjoyed the online experience. It was convenient and I don't think I missed anything by not being in a traditional class. I would recommend this course to other candidates."

Thomas Ward, Greensburg, PA

"Dr. Krauss took a complicated subject matter and made it quite interesting. The web class and technical explanations were excellent.

Bob Bernhart, Henderson Brothers, Pittsburgh, PA

The PE web course was nice, easy to understand and would definitely recommend it along with the 1-day exam prep class prior to taking your state exam. My success was 100% better with the Magellan course than the prior one I had used. 

Sherri Swinehart, Mt Pleasant Mills, PA

"Excellent preparation materials. Follow the program and you'll pass the exam".

Christopher Hooks, Aon Consulting, Pittsburgh, PA

"Dr. Krauss brought real life experience and real world examples to the class which really helped me understand the material. He taught at a great pace and took time to answer everyone's questions and comments. I was able to pass the exam the next morning after finishing the class because of his excellent teaching style."

Chris Bowes, Calvert-Pearson Insurance Group, Seagertown, PA

"After taking the prep course and the chapter practice exams multiple times I felt very prepared for the test. Passed the test on first try. Highly recommend this course."

 Casey McGrath, Henderson Brothers, Pittsburgh, PA

"The class was crucial to preparing for the state exam. The presentation of the material was dynamic and interesting." 

Joseph Mizgorski, Highmark, Pittsburgh, PA

"Comprehensive courses, great technical articulation, and five stars for The Magellan Group! I'll be back..."

Karen Yoxheimer, State Farm, Williamsport, PA

"Anyone embarking on this licensing journey should definitely enroll in the 3-day online class." 

Kelly Shilala, Sebak Insurance, Natrona Heights, PA

"I really learned a lot from the course. I was able to connect all the real life examples provided. I strongly recommend this program and class to future candidates. Thank you George!"

Rebecca Varga, Duncan Insurance Group, Irwin, PA

"The web class was extremely beneficial. Concepts that were unclear to me were fully explained. The web class experience was outstanding." 

Angela Gorman, UPMC, Pittsburgh, PA

"The P&C course was invaluable. Learning the information with explanations from real world examples helped me retain the concepts." 
Renee Walthour, Allstate Zdobinski Agency, Greensburg, PA

"The web class was very helpful and broke things down. Thank you George." 

Stephanie Hockenberry, Altany, Loynd and Lindquist, Sandy Lake, PA

"The class made practical sense of the material. The study material was easy to follow but the in-class examples made everything easier to understand. Thank You!" 

Brian Smochek. The Reschini Group, Indiana, PA

"George's examples and guidance really helped make the material stick -- and the practice exam questions were invaluable. Passed my P&C and LA&H exam on my first attempt."

Gregory Polens, Trent Insurance Agency, Johnstown, PA


"I would recommend this licensing course to other candidates. Technical explanations were outstanding.' 

Nathaniel Mosley, UPMC, Pittsburgh, PA


"Follow the course study material, attend the class, take the practice tests and you will pass your exam."
Yvonne Miceli, Miceli Insurance Agency, Oakmont, PA

"Dr. Krauss, thank you for making this licensing process painless and enjoyable! The combination of the study guide, focus notes and classroom discussion provided the detail and knowledge I needed to pass the my LA&H exam."

Heidi Griffith, Erie Insurance/Bittel & Co., Greenville, PA


"George did an excellent job in making things understandable by giving real-world examples. The class was the perfect choice and I passed my state exam easily on my first attempt."

Brett Lawrence, LM Insurance Agency, Pittsburgh, PA


"The class was great. Clear and thorough explanation's were provided. I would highly recommend this class for anyone preparing for their state exams."

Anthony Caggiano,  UPMC, Pittsburgh,PA

"George took the information in his book to the next level. His classroom techniques made the difference in my ability to pass the exam on the first time. Thanks George!"

Michael Stover, 422 Home Sales, Indiana, PA

"A huge thank you. I loved the class. Passed on my first try."

Tammy Fenstermacher, Saucon Valley Insurance Services, Inc. Hellertown, PA

"The Focus Notes as well as George's examples in class were excellent tools in helping me pass the exam on my first try. I highly recommend the study material and the class."

Melissa Shell, Henderson Brothers, Pittsburgh, PA

George, enjoyed your course presentation. You helped me focus on the key aspects of the insurance field - both practical use as well as exam usefulness! Much appreciated."
Bill Kanterman, Miller Phillips Insurance, Saxonburg, PA

"The combination of study materials and George's class help me understand the material and pass the exam on the first time."

Jenna Meighen, Jill Jack State Farm Agency, New Wilmington, PA

"I felt so much more comfortable after taking the course. I passed the exam the following Tuesday. Excellent course – Thanks George!”

Kristi Riccio, UPMC Health Plan, Pittsburgh, PA

"George, I found the class a huge help and you were great interacting with the students. Passed my LA&H exam on my first attempt. Thanks again for your help,"

Patty Wirth, Erie Insurance - RJ Lutes Agency, Schnecksville, PA

"The guidelines on how to study were perfect -- Thanks for a wonderful program."

Valerie Shafer, Farmers Insurance, Cranberry, PA

"Excellent class. Your study materials were instrumental in me passing the exam."

Adreinne Stead, Highmark, Pittsburgh,PA

"A great class -- Thanks so much for all of your help!"

Lauren Stonebraker, Davevic Benefit Consultants, Inc., Grove City, PA

"The course was organized and concise. I would recommend this course to anyone!"

Jennifer Valeri, J.S. Smith Insurance Agency, Pittsburgh, PA

"Dr. Krauss' course was extremely beneficial."

Matthew Scott, Geico,  Monroeville, PA

"Thank you George for all of your helpful examples-- I attribute my success to all of the information you provided. Thanks Again!
Erin Hewitt, Allstate Insurance, Altoona, PA


"Thank you George for a great class!"
Estefania Alavai, Highmark, Millersburg, PA

"Without attending George's class and using his software--I really don't think I would have passed. His test strategies work"
Gayla Lafferty, State Farm, Hopwood, PA

"Essentials of Property and Casualty Insurance and EXAM MASTER were excellent. I would recommend these licensing materials to any candidate."
Jeannie Kreeger, State Farm Insurance, Malvern, PA

"I had no prior knowledge of life and health insurance and still scored 81%. If it was on the test, it was in the book." 
Heather Roth, West Penn AAA Insurance Agency, Pittsburgh, PA

"The technical explanations were excellent. I passed my test on my first try with an 89%."
Kim Shepard, S. K. Kenzer Agency, Monroeville, PA


"Course material was great. Your 3-day class and practice exams helped the most. Thank-you!!"

Shirley Fisher, UPMC Health Plan, Pittsburgh, PA

"I found the class very helpful. I would highly recommend the study materials and the class. Thank you George!"

Joy Coffey, Foradora Insurance, DuBois, PA

"I very much enjoyed the class. Dr. Krauss was very informative and easy to follow. The class was outstanding."

Jacob Byham, Byham's Insurance Services, Inc., Erie, PA

Overall the text was easy to follow. The practice exams were great. I passed both P&C and the Life, Accident and Health exams in the same day." 
Dawnn Ziska, Peter Payne Agency, Turtle Creek, PA 

"This text is the best I've studied from. It explains technical terms better than my previous course guide."
William R. McCay, Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual, Philadelphia, PA


"I loved the fact that Dr. Krauss taught us himself and went over every chapter. The web class was outstanding."

Destiny Callwood, UPMC, Pittsburgh, PA

"The book helped me tremendously in passing my exam. It was formatted better and it was easier to understand than other texts."
Ilona Bruno, State Farm Insurance, Erie, PA

"If you follow the study guide and pass all the practice exams with 85% or higher, you will pass your state exam. Great study materials!"
Tyann McDaniel, State Farm Insurance, Bellefonte, PA

"The Focus Notes were very helpful and the in-class examples helped in further explaining things. George was excellent and his teaching methods helped me pass!"

Rhonda Miller, Parsons Agency, Inc., Altoona, PA

"The book's format and its technical explanations were excellent. The diagrams help put the concepts into perspective. Thank you for helping me pass the P&C exam."
Charlotte Elensky, Helmbold & Stewart, Inc., Clearfield, PA

"I found the book extremely helpful. I taught myself using the book and passed the first time."
Patricia Stinger, State Farm Insurance, Pittsburgh, PA 

"The licensing manual was excellent. I acquired a thorough knowledge of the material in a very short time and easily passed the state exam on my first attempt."
Jim Pitts, Employee Solutions, McMurray PA

"The book was very easy to follow. The practice questions were excellent and they reinforced key points."
Anthony W. Gerg, Gerg Insurance Agency, St. Marys, PA

"Because each section was explained clearly, it was much easier to understand. Not jumbled together. I was able to understand the commercial portion which had been very confusing. Passed state exam on first try."
Sara J. Apgar, Diehl Insurance Agency, Trexlertown, PA

"The licensing manual was excellent and EXAM MASTER was very helpful in preparing me for the test."
Jenifer Kevicki, Allstate Insurance, North Huntingdon, PA 

"Textbook was great. There is a lot of info on the Life, Accident and Health test, and the book broke down the info well."
Mike Bartolino, First Commonwealth Insurance Agency, Indiana, PA

"I took my exam and passed on the first time. In comparing your book with another similar book I used to pass my life test, I have to say that your book was more informative. I would recommend your material over and above the others".
Christine Kougher, State Farm Insurance, Dubois, PA

"I was stumbling through P&C licensing using two other books. Yours was a world of difference."
Rick Williams, Chamberlin Insurance, Scranton, PA


"Thank you for helping me pass the exam. 
Heather McClafferty, Nationwide Insurance, Rural Valley, PA

Passing the test was a direct result of attending your class. Thank you!”
Kristen Painter, Washington Federal, Avella, PA

"The software was tremendous! Thanks!!” 
Bob Formosa, Marsh USA, Pittsburgh, PA

"The class cut my study time in half - Thanks George!” 
Bob McCreery, Hidden Valley, PA

"Excellent study materials – the class was well worth the money.”
Ken Trost, Jr., Allstate Insurance, Cranberry, PA

"George, Thank you for helping me understand the material. I would not have passed the first time without your class.” 
Susan Barclay, Pittsburgh, PA 

"I would recommend George’s class to all potential agents. He was excellent.”  
Beth Byrnes, State Farm, Clyer, PA

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