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Producer Pre-Licensing Self-Study


Individuals can secure their PE certificate and prepare for their Pennsylvania insurance exams under a self-study option. Under the Magellan self-study option, the student self-studies our course materials and receives a PE certificate after passing an on-site final PE exam at their home or office. The exam must be monitored by a disinterested third party. A disinterested third party is anyone other than a relative or direct supervisor. Multiple retakes of the final PE exam are permitted. Self-study is a convenient option for individuals who cannot attend our regular scheduled PE licensing courses. Note that students who purchase our self-study course materials and later choose to attend our classroom course will receive a credit (equal to the purchase price of the self-study material) toward the cost of the class registration fee.


Under our comprehensive self-study course students have access to the following study materials:

  • Pennsylvania Licensing Manual - Your Pennsylvania/PSI specific manual

  • Focus Notes - Key notes condensed from your manual of must know information 

  • Flash Cards - Key terms and concepts of printed flash cards that must be mastered

  • Exam Master Online - Online access to all your printed study material

  • Webcast "How to Pass Your licensing Exam" - Your one-hour webcast explaining the licensing process


Our entire suite of study materials are specifically written to correspond with Pennsylvania licensing exams, updated on a continual basis, and available in three self-study learning levels (Basic (Online), Essential, and Comprehensive study packages).

We also have 3-Day Pre-licensing Education and 1-Day Exam Prep web-based classes scheduled throughout the year.

For a demonstration of Exam Master Online or to learn more about our PE course materials click on the buttons below. Orders may be made by phone, fax or online via the Buy Now button.



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